Computer Consoles Available Online In The UK


Gaming at home is bigger than ever but do you know which console you can buy online at the best price? From the XBox to PS4 or Switch, why not quickly find out who is leading the way and what games are available too.

After years of development and a whole range of models and changes to the inners, there's now 3 major computer consoles widely used and available in the UK.  With the manufacturers constantly striving to increase capacity and game play, expect the models to change every year - or at very least be enhanced with more memory or new features.

Which Brands?

Building on their years of experience and development, the key console brands are :

  • The Xbox from Microsoft
  • PS4 (Playstation 4) Sony
  • Nintendo Switch

Each of these consoles are excellent machines in their own right. Each one can deliver a high end gaming experience that's a million miles away from what it was just 3 or 4 years ago.

The differences between these computer consoles can be discussed at great length and can be overwhelming - unless you're into that sort of thing. You can also find sites dedicated to each computer console and the many games that are available.

How To Choose A Console

There is a huge amount of competition between these computer consoles meaning that you can take advantage of some great prices as well as the best the games world has to offer. With services such as Xbox Live proving staggeringly popular it is no surprise that more and more games are being made for the online market.

This has been the case for the PC for a while, but only since the 2001 US release of Phantasy Star Online for Sega ill fated Dreamcast have we seen a big move to online gaming from the console market but know that it is here you can play many forms of games online from RPG’s to FPS games the world of gaming is yours.

Choosing the console itself may come down to some obvious and simple options :

  • What console have you had before?
  • What games are available?
  • What features do you get?
  • What do all your mates have?
  • How much money do you have?
  • What's available right when you want to buy!


Seek Out News & Reviews

As well as cheaters guides, games reviews and gaming videos you can find live streaming players and of course tech sites that can all provide you with a rundown of gameplay, tech features and things like cheat modes or advanced playing modes you didn't know about.

In checking reviews and seeing games in action, this may also influence your buying choices when it comes to console choice.

How To Save Money

Goes without saying - start online! But as well as visiting the obvious sites and looking for discount codes, keep an eye out in local shops that have bought lots of stock and are struggling to sell - you may be able to build yourself a bundle deal of console and games that beats anything you can find online.

As well as the search for a deal, be smart. If you know you want a new console - then if it's September and you can wait - then Black Friday is just round the corner - or better still the January Sales. Unless you MUST have the newest console that's been released - wait 6 months or so to see a drop in price and the deals start to roll in.

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