What is Video Poker?

video poker

A game with no clear point of origin. Video Poker seems to have emerged as several games that involved cards and/or dominos and some bluffing. These games then got merged together to eventually become what we call video poker - but is this good for making money?

However, while the history of the card version of poker can't be pinpointed easily, the history of video poker can.

When Did Video Poker Emerge?

The game of video poker entered the electronic media arena between 15 and 20 years ago as the once famous card came began to regain popularity. It first took shape in the form of simple hand-held games, migrated through the stages of arcade-style machines found in casinos, and finalised itself online via the computers of players worldwide.

It caters to the full spectrum of poker enthusiasts who until now had to wait until the Friday night game. It can be enjoyed by the spare-time players who enjoy a simple challenge with no risk.

Of course, you can make or LOSE a fortune on the serious games in stand-alone machines in Atlantic City or Vegas. And now with the advent of the Internet Age you can even enjoy this game against opponents you have never met from locations across the world.

Has Anything Changed?

Recently, the game has gained notoriety as lawmakers strive to control the play-for-profit side of this game in its online versions. In the mid 90's; hundreds of online "casinos" sprang up across the internet as conventional casinos pushed for a larger piece of the gaming pie.

They inundated the web with reseller and affiliate programs allowing the "Average Joe" an instant casino business based on a mirror website of their own. The site owner just had to promote their website and collect a portion of the deposit profits.

Video poker, slots, and blackjack were the hardcore staples of these programs. With the advent of anti-terrorism statutes and stricter control on free-flow funds internationally, many organisations have restricted access to online play in order to remain compliant to the gaming laws of different countries.

As a result, conventional real-world casinos are returning to the forefront as a more attractive option for video poker gaming in pay-to play scenario.

So Is It For You?

Regardless of how the play evolves, the fact still remains that it is still a game of poker - just an electronic one. It is the very same game that has been played for hundreds of years. It will always have die-hard fans who will play regardless of its format or locale restrictions.

Read the rest of our site to get ideas on how to play - the odds and whether this is the game for you - then choose any of our partners to start playing!

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