Unlimited Texts on a Pay As You Go


Consider pay as you go as a good value phone option.

When choosing which mobile phone provider to use, it is important to consider the benefits of what contract or pay as you go plan you hope to use. Whatever your needs, a good place to start is having the option of unlimited texts.


For many people, the option has been to use pay as you go phones, where you top up credit as and when you run out. While this may seem convenient, as it does not lock you into a contract, it can actually become quite costly over time.


If you’re using a pay as you go SIM card, you may feel as though you have to be very careful with using your minutes and texts, as your credit does run out. Perhaps you’re pulling the trick of waiting for a friend to call so you don’t have to use any of your credit to be in contact, or maybe you're stuck in a hard place without any credit to call a friend or family member. However you look at it, it seems there ought to be better alternatives to pay and go plans.

Contract Issues

While contracts may offer a bit of security such as fixed tariffs for a wide array of benefits, they do tie you down for a significant amount of time, often 18 to 24 months. Many young people often don’t know where their lives will take them over such a long period of time, so to be tied down to a contract can be quite an obligation.

These two options seem to reflect two extremes, but finally, there is a happy medium we can turn to in the midst of it all.


Giffgaff, a new mobile phone company works on a pay as you go SIM-only plan. Here you can get the great deals of a pay monthly contract rate, but without having to be tied down to a contract.

If you’re only in it for texting, you can get their £5 monthly goodybag to have access to unlimited texts. Their £10 goodybag, will allow you to make 100 minutes worth of calls to both landlines and mobiles within the UK, as well as have unlimited texts and unlimited mobile Internet access for a month.

Get the £15 goodybag, and you will receive 300 minutes to use for UK landlines, unlimited texts and mobiles and unlimited Internet access.

The greatest value of all is spending £35 to receive a month's worth of unlimited phone calls, texts and Internet access. This way you will never have to worry about having enough minutes available to make a call, and chat away freely to your friends and family.

giffgaff also offers a range of tantalizing standards in its package: texts cost 4p, and calls to UK phones start from 8p. Plenty of savings still to be made, then. Texts and calls from one giffgaff user to another are free, too.

Going for a giffgaff SIM is a smart option that will save you a lot of money in the long run, as you have the flexibility to top up as much as you like, as and when you please.

You can start using your new SIM straight away by going to giffgaff.com to request your free SIM card pay as you go deal, which will be conveniently sent to your home address.

Soon, you’ll be saving money and chatting up a storm. And best of all, you can feel at ease while doing so.

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