How to Find Financial News


Whether it's specific financial news or company news you're after, look online and trust only bonefide news agencies like the BBC, Reuters or PA and you can keep up to date with all the latest.

Find financial news broadcasts that will help you to run your business or keep in touch with the global and UK stock markets.  Financial news can be obtained through various means but one of the most convenient and ubiquitous method for UK residents remains the Internet. 

Instead of waiting for that five minute news report that you get from television programmes and regional and national news, gain access now to all the relevant financial news reports, live feeds and up to the minute broadcasts by using our definitive search options. 

The Role of the Internet

As millions of UK businesses rely on the sharing of information and financial news to keep their companies ticking over, the Internet peaks as a major tool that they all use.  Can companies really afford not to keep updated with current affairs and ensure their employees have the knowledge that they need at the touch of a button? 

We know how essential these news updates can be so to aid in the search and retrieval of this information, we’ve reviewed handfuls of UK websites relating to the top-rated news and information services.

24 Hour News

News happens around the clock and financial news is particularly time sensitive.  You need to be in the loop at all times, day or night.  With, you can access excellent site reviews to ensure you get the specific details you want, regardless of what time it is.  If you’re working in Hong Kong, you can still stay informed of what’s going on in Spain! 

Business never sleeps and so with around the clock coverage of financial events, you never have to worry about not staying informed. 


Our FAQ section is also available for your use in filtering through the information out there and speeding up your searches.  Get exactly what you need online at our site and forget about being tied down for the television network news shows as you can experience the freedom that the Internet provides.

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Useful Websites

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  • Calculator
    Offers a range of financial calculators and financial news
  • Johnston Press
    Offer country-wide local newspapers with news, financial news, car, job and property ads
  • Financial News - Internet Edition
    The securities and investment banking weekly, financial news covering investment banking, private equity, fund management, equity research sales and trading, equity capital markets, debt and credit ma
  • Les Echos
    Quotidien de l'economie - French financial news in native language only
  • Scotland On Line
    Featuring hourly news, weather, financial updates, heritage, tourism and shopping
  • Financial Systems News
    Keep you abreast of key developments in accounting packages, financial reporting and decision support systems, tell you what works and what doesn't
  • Add Your Website Here

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