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When working through your A-Levels or Advanced Highers, UCAS is an essential way for you to get your university place on a conditional or unconditional basis. Find out more about UCAS and how you can access the right Higher Education course for you.

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, or as it is better known - UCAS, is the central organisation that processes applications for courses at UK universities and colleges. Not only do they process more than 2 million applications for full-time undergraduate courses every year, but they also offer very accessible information to help find exactly the right course.

They also organise conferences, education fairs and conventions across the UK and produce a wide range of publications, aimed at informing decisions about higher education, and to guide future students and their parents and advisers through the application process.

What Is Higher Education?

Higher education refers to studies for qualifications such as first degrees and higher national diplomas which are normally undertaken by students aged 18 and over. A lot of it takes place in universities but, with 50,000 higher education courses nationwide, plenty takes place at colleges of higher education, specialist art institutions and colleges of agriculture.

Why Choose Higher Education?

Many higher education courses provide a vocational programme of study directly related to particular work areas, such as accountancy, business administration, library studies, sports science and teaching.

A higher education qualification is an absolute must for initial entry to some careers - medicine, chartered engineering and architecture, for example. A degree or HND usually improves your chances of obtaining a fulfilling job and your earning potential.

Higher education develops important transferable skills, such as numeracy, communication and information technology, which can give you an edge in the fast-changing world of employment.

You may be at a stage in life when you can study a subject for the sake of personal satisfaction.

How Do I Apply With UCAS?

You need to select the 2006 entry Student login link on the Apply web page of the UCAS website. During registration, you will need to enter some personal details and indicate if you are applying through a school or college, or if you are applying as an individual. If you are applying through a school or college, you will need to obtain a buzzword from them.

You will be able to use your username and password to log in to your application at different times and enter more information each time you log on. You will not be able to add any further information to your application when you have completed and sent it.

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