How Botox Can Help Hyperhidrosis


Hyperhidrosis affects quite a few people here in the UK - know what it is? Sweaty hands/palms is more common than you think, but now there are options on how to treat if you know it's something that's holding you back.

Hyperhidrosis sufferers have had to live with the embarrassment of sweaty palms and soggy handshakes for years, but now, with help from Transform's Cosmetic Surgery Group and Botox, they don't have to continue to endure these terrible situations.

They no longer have to show everyone when they're nervous by reaching out with wet hands, no longer put off the recipients of these clammy handshakes and stop losing business deals.


Britain's largest group of cosmetic surgeons, Transform, has developed a technique called 'Palm-tox'. This Botox treatment is sure to make the one percent of Britons living with hyperhidrosis very happy.

The cosmetic surgery group has experienced an increasing influx of existing and new Botox users asking about this specialty treatment. In fact, Transform's experts believe the current economic situation and the warmer weather have led to the 200% increase in enquiries they've experienced since October 2009. Most of these patients are men who are fed up with their constantly moist palms.

The Treatment

To stop the excessive perspiration, Botox is injected beneath the skin's surface where it blocks signals from traveling along the nerves. These nerves allow signals to reach the sweat glands where they trigger the onset of moisture production. The ten-minute treatment lasts approximately six months before it needs to be re-administered to the patient.

"Transform has been seeing an increasing number of hyperhidrosis patients who are desperately seeking an effective solution. The Palm-tox treatment we offer was originally offered specifically to treat underarm areas, which is a problem for one in every hundred people," explained the Non-Surgical Manager for Transform, Gwen Davies.

"Our cosmetic surgeons are always looking to improve our patient's lives with Botox. This has resulted in a number of alternative techniques like Palm-tox that can treat sweating, wrinkles, migraines and even dental conditions such as bruxism, which is the grinding together of a patient's jaws. The public does need to take care, however. These are special procedures that should only be performed by an experienced cosmetic professional," urged Gwen Davies.

Who Are Transform?

With 24 locations throughout Great Britain, the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Company is a leading provider of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. They have 35 years' experience performing procedures such as tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, breast augmentations and facelifts.

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