Thought About Facial Muscle Toning?

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Improving your face with no plastic surgery sounds the perfect solution doesn't it? But what do you need to invest in and will it work for your facial muscles? See how you may be able to achieve these results.

Looking after your skin is an important part of any anti-ageing regime and all skin needs to be protected. However lotions and creams can only go so far and work on the surface layers. To reduce the effects of ageing a surgical procedure is not our only option. Facial muscle toning is a revolutionary non surgical anti-ageing product that really does work wonders by working on the deeper layers that form the foundation of your skin.

Slendertone Face

A revolutionary new facial muscle toner that vastly improves the way your skin both looks and feels and is just like a non-surgical face-lift. The reason that this anti-ageing method is so unique is because it stimulates the facial muscles that support your skin so your face regains its youthful shape. Working on the foundation of your face it is a perfect accompaniment to your skin care regime, as creams can only work on the surface layers.

The result is a reversal of the main signs of ageing such as wrinkles, lines and sagging, plumper skin and a smoother skin surface. Slendertone Face actually increases the muscle mass in your face and improves its muscle volume.

How Does Facial Toning Work?

The way that facial toning works is simple - your facial muscles are activated and exercised using a process called electric muscle stimulation delivered through comfortable gel pads that sit on your face, directly on your facial nerves. This mimics your muscles’ natural movements.

Like every one of the muscles in your body, by exercising your facial muscles with facial muscle toning your muscles deteriorate at a much slower rate giving them and therefore your skin a fresher, younger appearance.

Clinical Trials

So how do you know that facial toning really will make your skin look younger? When Slendertone Face was put to the test in clinical trials comprising of 97 participants aged between 35 and 55, 94% of users reported that their face felt firmer. Furthermore, 90% of users reported an improvement in facial tone and 80% of users reported that their face felt lifted.

Even more impressively, by using ultrasound imagery it was shown that the average increase in participants’ muscle tone was 18.6%! So the results really do speak for themselves.

Read The Reviews

The Harper’s Bazaar beauty editor’s choice for combating the signs of ageing, Slendertone Face is the revolutionary new non-surgical face lift that tones your facial muscles and makes your skin look younger. And not only do the results speak for themselves, but ex-supermodel Marie Helving swears by Slendertone Face.

"Ageing naturally has always been important to me so I have started using Slendertone Face," says Marie. "It helps give me a natural face-lift by gently stimulating my facial muscles. I have seen such difference in my face since using it – my face feels firmer and my cheeks look plumper. I think all women should make the most of what they’ve got."

Furthermore, in Marie Claire it was recently said that Slendertone Face "tightens skin within six weeks" and Grazier magazine calls Slendertone Face "the hot new anti-ageing gadget."

One user of this revolutionary product claimed that "the overall result was fresh and toned skin… well worth it." Another user of this non-surgical face lift found that it "easily fitted into a routine" and that they were "very pleased when (they) did see results."

One Big Advantage

One of the best things about using Slendertone Face to tone facial muscles is that it can easily become part of your daily routine and is done from the comfort of your own home. Your facial muscles are exercised hundreds of times per session with each recommended session only lasting around 20 minutes. You control the level of intensity and time of the session with the hand held controller that comes with the Slendertone Face and you also receive 12 sets of headset gel pads and the headset.


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