Cheap Airport Parking


You get a great deal on your flight, but then you're faced with a small fortune for parking you car at the airport. How can you ensure you don't get stung on your airport parking without compromising who you want to trust your car with?

A quick guide to cheap airport parking should ensure you get a quote that your happy with first time. Using our cheap airport parking search tool, you should then be able to book online and receive confirmation within 10 minutes.

Quick Reference Table

The table below shows Valet/Meet & Greet parking (red), on airport parking (orange) and off airport grounds (yellow). These are the most common types of airport parking you will be faced with.

Generally speaking the price of each service decreases down the table as you pay for convenience and location. In the cost column, our indicated price range shows the lowest to the highest per day price (Heathrow nearly always being the most expensive). Please bear in mind the earlier you book often the better the deal, although it often makes no difference.

Parking Types


  Type Description Our Verdict Cost
per day
Valet parking / Chauffeur parking Met by driver who'll help you with your bags and whisk your car away to be valeted and securely parked whilst you're away. Definitely for business travellers or those with very dirty cars! Most expensive
£11 - £25
Meet & Greet Same as Valet parking but usually doesn't include the help with your bags to the terminal or the valet. A must for business travellers who want to drive to the airport
Highly recommended for families with children and luggage to cope with!
Still expensive
£11 - £24
  Short term / Short Stay Usually in a car park right opposite your departures/arrivals building Only really for same day or maximum one night away as is very expensive Expensive on-site
£12 - £22
Medium term / Medium Stay Usually used for say 2-4 days
Usually a good 5 mins walk if walkable
Used when time away is too long for the expensive short stay, but too short for the long term stay benefits Moderate : £9 - £14
Long term / Long stay Essentially used for say 4days plus days 5 days plus, often cheaper the longer you stay and the earlier you book. Cheapest : £5 - £9
  Medium term / Medium Stay For 2-4 days
May be a short walk at regionals
A must for business travellers who want to drive to the airport
Highly recommended for families with children and luggage to cope with!
Moderate : £5 - £9
Long term / Long stay Essentially used for say 5+ days Often use shuttle bus to transport you to terminal. Downside, the wait when you return. Cheapest : £3 - £8
Bus shuttle Usually used for 5+ days away You park (can be up to 8 miles away), then get free shuttle bus that runs every 10-20 mins at peak times Cheapest : £3 - £8


* Note - always book your airport car parking on a site that has a secure server (the green bar and padlock).

You can enjoy savings of up to 60% off standard airport car parking list prices at all major UK airport car parks. If you book now and have to cancel anytime for any reason up to 24 hours prior to arrival, we will give you a 100% refund of all charges.

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