Help For A Gambling Addiction

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It's always been an addiction for some, but now with its growth online, gambling addiction is becoming a much wider issue. Check out our simple guide to getting some help whatever your predicament.

Gambling addiction is a problem that can affect virtually anyone. From betting on sports games and buying lottery tickets or scratch cards to playing roulette, poker or slot games, either in a physical casino or online via a website, gambling addiction can get to the point where it has a serious affect on your relationships and it can start to interfere with your home and work, not forgetting the serious financial impact that it can have on your life.

Many people think that they cannot stop their gambling addiction, that they are simply untreatable, but this is not the case. If you know that you have a gambling addiction problem and you are ready to get help, you can overcome your gambling problem.

Tailored Programme

The first thing that you will need to understand is that every person and gambler is unique – therefore you will need a gambling addiction recovery program that is tailored towards your individual needs i.e.. a  recovery program that may work for one person will not necessarily also work for you.

Also note that overcoming a gambling addiction is rarely an easy or quick process, it may take time for you to fully recover from your gambling addiction – but support and treatment plans can help you do this. You may find that group support for your gambling addiction is the best route to take or you may opt for one-on-one therapy.

Group Support

If you do opt for group support, Gamblers Anonymous can help you by providing guidance and support. A twelve-step recovery program, Gamblers Anonymous  uses a similar program to Alcoholics Anonymous i.e.. you will choose a sponsor (a former gambler who has also had gambling addiction experiences and has been able to remain free from addiction for a period of time). Your sponsor, along with regular meetings with other people with gambling addictions, will help you to stay on track and offer you support to give up your gambling habit.

One On One Therapy

Alternatively, you may decide that one-on-one therapy is the best option for you. Cognitive-behavioural therapy in particular can help to change unhealthy gambling behaviours. This kind of therapy works by teaching gamblers how to deal with any negative emotions that they may be experiencing, rather than finding an escape our ‘outlet’ through gambling. In addition to tackling underlying causes for gambling addiction, cognitive-behavioural therapy can also help an individual to resolve any financial, work or relationship problems that may have been caused by their gambling addiction.

Help Sites

Knowing where to get help is a good starting point. Check out the sites below to get help now.

+ National Problem Gambling Clinic

+ GamCare Support

+ Gamblers Anonymous

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