Travel Insurance and Airport Parking

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How can you get the right insurance policy and not pay a fortune for leaving your car at the airport?

Insurance and airport parking are two factors usually on the periphery when planning a holiday, but both can have a significant role to play in saving time and money. Driving to the airport yourself allows you complete flexibility as to when you leave and you do not have to rely on anyone else either way. You must check with the airport you are travelling from whether or not it’s advisable to pre-book, as the last thing you want is to face the hassle of making alternative arrangements when you are there. Once the car is parked, it is under the watch of the security which may help you sleep better than if it was left on the street.

Why Is Travel Insurance Important?

Although not a legal requirement, when travelling abroad and in the UK, travel insurance is there for your protection. A standard policy will cover most straight forward holidays and should come into play right from the start offering protection should you need to cancel your trip, usually in the event of illness or death. There are many other potential hazards such as loss of baggage, flight delays and of course, health problems while being away. It is very unlikely you are planning to get ill on your journey and should you think that you can do without cover, make sure you understand the implications of being in an accident or incurring medical costs. The charges could be crippling, far outweighing the entire price of a holiday of which a small part could have gone towards cover.

Check Policies

Although preferable for themselves, travel agents are not allowed to insist you take their offer for cover. Make sure you understand what their policy includes and don’t be afraid to suggest you’ll look around. With many competitors in that market, you may be surprised what you can get for your money. The price you are quoted may vary depending on the type of holiday and activities you’ll participate in. If you are participating in mountain climbing or sky diving, you are naturally putting yourself at greater risk than if you were to remain on the beach and therefore, the policy will reflect that.


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