Africa & Middle East Airline Reservations


If you are wanting to book a flight to Africa or even to the Middle East, our guides can help you get straight to relevant airlines that can provide you with the right destinations. An exciting holiday destination, Africa can be accessed by a number of airlines.

When you need to track down airline reservations for Africa and the Middle East, our listing of the leading airlines, their websites, telephone numbers and other contact numbers (in some cases) can help you get in touch with the airlines you prefer to use.

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  Airline Country Website Department Telephone
A Air Namibia Namibia Website Reservations: 020 8944 6181
Air Mauritius Mauritius Website Reservations:
020 7434 4375
020 7437 7075
Air Seychelles Seychelles Website Reservations:
01293 596 656
01293 596 655



  Airline Country Website Department Telephone
E Egypt Air Egypt Website Reservations:
020 7734 2395
020 7580 5477
EL AL Israel Website Reservations:
020 7957 4100
020 7957 4200
Emirates United Arab Emirates Website Reservations:
0870 243 2222
020 7808 0033
Ethiopian Airlines Ethiopia Website Reservations:
0208 987 7000
020 8987 9086
Etihad United Arab Emirates Website Reservations: 0870 241 7121





  Airline Country Website Department Telephone
G Gulf Air Bahrain Website Reservations: 08707 77 1717
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  Airline Country Website Department Telephone
K Kenya Airways Kenya Website Reservations:
Airport office:
01784 888222
020 8759 7366
Kuwait Airways Kuwait Website Reservations:
020 7412 0007
020 7412 0006
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  Airline Country Website Department Telephone
M Middle East Airlines Lebanon Website Reservations:
0207 4678000
0207 4678010





  Airline Country Website Department Telephone
Q Qatar Airways Qatar Website Reservations: 020 7896 3636
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  Airline Country Website Department Telephone
R Royal Air Maroc Morrocco Website Switchboard: 020 7439 8854
Royal Brunei Airlines Brunei Website Reservations:
020 7584 6660
020 7584 6360
Royal Jordanian Jordan Website Reservations:
020 7878 6300
020 7878 6333





  Airline Country Website Department Telephone
S SAA South Africa Website Reservations:
020 7312 5000
0870 747 1111
Saudi Arabian Airlines Saudi Arabian Website Reservations: 020 7798 9898
SriLankan Airlines Sri Lanka Website Reservations:
020 8538 2000
020 8759 4048
Syrian Airlines Syria Website Reservations: 020 7631 3511
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  Airline Country Website Department Telephone
T Tunisair Tunisia Website Reservations:
020 7734 7644
020 7437 6236



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