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Sport is readily available online whether it's to catch up on a match, buy equipment or place a bet.

Thousands of people around the world earn the right to call themselves athletes by training every day and compete at the highest level in various sports. By its nature, sport is a physical activity and/or skill, which combined with a set of rules, is played out to produce a winner. Sports are a part of our culture and well integrated into societies and in many cases are big business, generating large sums of money and interest. The basis for many sports dates back through history, with social and political situations often influencing and changing their direction.


The big sports in the UK and across Europe include football, cricket, rugby, tennis, golf, boxing, darts, snooker and horse racing. The internet is loaded with information regarding your favourite teams, players and professional athletes. You can check out your favourite clubs official sites, keeping up-to-date on fixtures, results, leagues and memberships. There are many places online where you’ll be able to track down top memorabilia from special events and also purchase replica equipment and clothing, such as football shirts with players’ names on the back.

Betting Sites

As time goes by, many of the top games have become more and more lucrative, with high profile teams, players and coaches dealing with TV coverage on a grand scale. With big money sponsorship deals and high profile advertising campaigns we are becoming more aware of and more involved in this games arena than ever before. You can even visit any of the big name betting sites. Who’d bet against your local side doing the double?

Useful Websites

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  • Chelston Direct
    Online UK shop providing sport & outdoor leisure clothing & equipment, including surf gear, ski gear, sailing, camping, fitness & yoga products.
  • Pursuits Unlimited
    Online meeting place for enthusiasts of sport, hobbies, collecting, pastimes and any other recreation.
  • BBC Online - Sport - Football
    Everything football from reviews and reports through to Match of the Day, Football Focus and team breakdowns
    Online Nigerian directory, dedicated to news, sport, music, travel etc.
  • Large Scale Model Cars Online
    The worlds biggest online hyper-market and information point for the exploding sport of 1/5th scale racing, offer a world-wide information and spares service with up to date race reports and product r
  • Car Markets
    Online car magazine, used car search engine, latest news, useful car links and motor sport updates
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