News On Premiership Clubs

The internet can be a great source of information on your favourite football team.

Whether you’re favourite premiership club is challenging for the title and of course the glory of the Champions League or if you’re looking to see if you’re team will avoid the drop we have links to websites with the most up to date transfer and team news.  The UK has a staggering number of great sites that can offer a diverse selection of information and opportunities regarding premiership clubs.  You’ll discover how to get tickets for you favourite premiership club as well as all the latest team news for both your team and your opposition.

Club Fansites

You’ll quickly discover that supporters of the same premiership club form fansites where you can discuss the team, arrange meets for games, and generally discuss football and your favourite team.  No longer are the supporters of a team confined to the local area, good travel arrangements and discounts on tickets that can be found through fansites means that people from all over the UK are travelling to watch premiership matches together.  So start really showing your support and get your tickets online from one of the reliable providers that can be accessed through


There are a staggering number of sites in the UK dedicated to the premiership.  The official premiership offers detailed fixture listings as well as details on referees, players, statistics and the rules of the game but there are also many unofficial sites offering excellent information and opinions about matches that have been played as well as those yet to be contested.  Our FAQ section will help you to decide what you are looking for in a site and then our extensive links can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

Best Sites

So whether you’re a Liverpool fan or Chelsea is your team has the very best links for you.  From this site you can access hundreds of fansites dedicated to your chosen team.  Find the best ticket prices form the most reliable websites by using our reviews to track down the very best UK site for your needs. You can plan your entire season and research your favourite players all with this website.  The premiership details you want are only a click away.


Useful Websites

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  • Four Four Two
    Latest football news, forums and blogs from all the leagues and championships including Premiership, La Liga, Champions Leagure, Serie A and more.
  • Paul Edwards
    Premiership football site, league table, results, fixtures, goal scorers, links and humour
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