Local Football Clubs

Wherever you are based in the country, such is footballs popularity that chances are your local club is not too far away. Whether they play in our most prestigious competition is another matter. There are many leagues, one of which your local team may be part of, with The Premiership being reserved for the top twenty clubs in England.

Big Clubs

During the nineties Manchester United came to the fore, dominating The Premiership and becoming one of the biggest clubs in Europe and the world. Their title hopes were only realistically challenged by Arsenal and as of the last couple of years, Chelsea has made it a three horse race with the aid of Roman Abramovich, their new, wealthy owner.

Smaller Clubs

Clubs vary in size and stature with different stadium capacities and fan bases. The largest and most popular teams will be well known all over the world and can therefore market and sell their products to a wider audience. This in-turn produces greater revenue with which to build their businesses. Stadiums get larger, with the biggest in Europe holding close to one-hundred-thousand and ticket prices generally go up, although it does depend where it the country they are situated.

Sunday Leagues

Competitive football is not just reserved for the countries elite. You will find teams of all standards who are operating in various leagues. Kids as young as eight or nine can begin playing for small teams in a Sunday league near where they live. With scouts trawling the country searching for the latest Wayne Rooney, you never know where you may end up.



Football is live and kicking in Sunday leagues as well as in the Premisership clubs.

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