Finding Motor Insurance Online


Organising your car insurance online can give you greater cost savings. But where should you look and what should you be paying?

Motor Insurance prices are not getting any cheaper, let’s face it. This means that the internet is becoming more and more important when it looking for cheap motor insurance in the UK. All of the major insurance providers now offer online motor insurance quotes and the vast majority also allow you to purchase cover online. You’ll find that insurers that give you a discount for buying online are growing in numbers. We have reviewed the websites of a lot of the biggest online providers and have also compiled a comprehensive FAQ section to try and make your search for motor insurance that little bit easier.

Competitive Market

The number of people going online to look for a better deal is staggering, and it’s growing every all the time! The number of people who search for motor insurance on the UK’s leading search engines runs into the hundred’s of thousands every month. This means that this field is highly competitive, meaning you can take advantage of some great policies, as insurance companies and broker’s clamour for your business.

Online Quotes

You can browse through to the websites of a multitude of insurance companies and intermediaries from this site, in order to obtain online quotations, many will allow you to buy online although you can telephone to place your final confirmation if you wish. As we mentioned, some companies even give you a discount now for buying online, which in itself is a growing trend for UK consumers. We have all been comfortable with buying certain non financial products online for some time, but we are now also entering a phase when we feel we understand enough about motor insurance to confidently complete this process online.

Discounts Online

Why do companies give a discount if we buy online? This is because you are effectively doing part of their work for them. If you were to call a contact centre you would be costing them money if you called a freephone number and would certainly be tying up ten to fifteen minutes of their telesales staff’s time. In any case, if it much better to research, i.e. get quotes, on the internet in your own time, without a high press salesperson on the other end of a phone trying to earn their commission. If, at the point of purchase, you do not wish to complete the transaction online then fine, you may wish to call then, but the internet is great for hassle free, cost free research

Useful Websites

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  • RAC - Breakdown Cover
    Offering breakdown cover and car insurance as well as the latest travel information.
    Discover cheap insurance, loans, mortgages and credit cards with ease. You can even switch your utilities with their comparison service. All major providers - plus you get a robot toy to boot!
  • Quote Searcher
    Quotesearcher are expert in the car insurance field, we strive to bring the lowest priced car insurance quotes we can for your car.
  • Motor Quote Direct
    Low cost motor and car insurance from motor quote direct the UK's leading car insurance website
  • Dial Direct Insurance
    Cheap car insurance quotes, van insurance and home insurance quotes from Dial Direct UK. Get a cheap UK car insurance, van or home insurance quote and buy online.
  • Budget Car Insurance
    Budget car insurance, home insurance and van insurance products in the UK. Get your cheap car insurance quote from us online as we compare a panel of leading UK insurers to give you the best price.
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