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Pet insurance can be very costly but is also really important. So how can you find a good value policy without compromising the cover you need for dog, cat or rabbit!

If you're a pet owner, it is vital to get cheap pet insurance to cover your pet(s) against illnesses or accidents. Vet bills can soon add up; a short-term illness or an accident (i.e. if your cat or dog should be unfortunate enough to suffer injury as a result of a road traffic accident) can cost you hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of pounds.

Why Choose Cheap Insurance?

In recent years, with the financial climate still looking gloomy, the majority of people simply cannot afford to pay for any such unforeseen costs – and that’s why cheap pet insurance is so important.

By getting cheap pet insurance you can effectively cover your pets against a wide number of scenarios – offering you instant peace of mind. Many owners find that they have to make the heartbreaking decision of having their beloved pet put to sleep as they simply cannot afford to pay for their treatment – but this need not be the case if you secure cheap pet insurance as soon as you get your pet.

Are Cheaper Policies Ok?

Cheap pet insurance policies can be purchased from a wide range of insurance companies, banks and even via supermarkets or from the post office – there are literally hundreds of cheap pet insurance options available to suit every budget and kind of pet.

The features offered in cheap pet insurance deals will naturally differ, depending on the company you use i.e. if you have a number of pets, you can even get multi cheap pet insurance – allowing you to cover all of your pets for a lower monthly premium, to this end, it is vital to shop around carefully before you buy your cheap pet insurance.

Don’t opt for the first cheap pet insurance deal that you see (for example; a deal that is being offered by your usual bank or insurance company), by looking around and performing a little research you may find and even better deal elsewhere.

Use the Internet To Compare

Make good use of the internet when you are seeking cheap pet insurance – you can now visit a number of brilliant comparison websites that let you compare like-for-like cheap pet insurance deals. This can be a great way to not only get the best cheap pet insurance deal, but to also compare the features and benefits offered by each account.

By using the internet to purchase your cheap pet insurance, you may be able to save even more money on your policy – many companies offer online discount deals and some will also be able to match policy terms.

Other Media Promoting Insurance

Also look out for TV, radio, magazine, newspaper and leaflet adverts offering cheap pet insurance. You may find that some of these adverts offer you an incentive to take up a policy i.e. you may be able to get a number of months of pet insurance cover free as part of a deal.

Additionally, pick up any brochures/leaflets that you see for cheap pet insurance while you are out and about i.e. in your local supermarket – this can also be a great way of finding a budget-friendly cheap pet insurance deal.

Useful Websites

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  • Pet Plan Insurance
    If you need to insure your pet (read dog, cat, or rabbit) against all manner of vets fees, then Pet Plan is the insurance for you.
  • Types of Dogs for advice on types of dogs, breeds and breeding information as well as puppies, kennels, & caring for your Dalmation, Labrador, Alsatian or Poodle!
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