Where Can I Get a Cheap Loan?

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Getting a cheap loan can be crucial to many people, but where should you look and what interest should you be paying? You also need to ensure you can afford to pay the loan back in the time you choose to borrow. This is really important!

Are you looking for finance to pay for essential home improvements, a holiday or to consolidate your existing debts? If so, you’re not alone, many people are now looking for cheap loans as a way to cover their growing expenses. There’s no doubt that the current financial climate is proving to be very hard on the pocket – extra financing is needed by many people in order for them to pay for every day bills and other necessities. As a collective we simply do not have the spare cash that we used to have to pay for unexpected costs, but cheap loans can help.

Benefits of a Loan

By getting cheap loans you can buy the things that you need on finance and then pay back the amount that you borrow in manageable monthly payments. However, if you do need finance, it’s important to research your options carefully before you sign up to a loan, in order to get the very best cheap loans available. Many lenders will add astounding amounts of interest onto their loans, meaning that in the long term you will pay back more than you expected for the amount that you initially borrowed.

Credit Rating

Cheap loans are a great way of borrowing money without also paying back extortionate interest amounts and/or arrangement fees. Generally speaking, lenders will look favourably upon anyone who has a good credit rating, so if your credit score is above average, you may be able to get a cheap loan quite easily from your local bank or building society. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get a cheap loan if your credit score is average to low – but you may pay a slightly higher interest rate on your borrowing (the scoring methods used will widely differ from lender to lender).

Shop Around

There are many cheap loans available on the market, but the trick is to shop around, don’t assume that your usual bank, building society or other lender will have the best cheap loan deals available - you may find that a much cheaper loan is being offered elsewhere. In a very competitive climate, lenders will offer a number of discounts and incentives in order to get you on their books as a customer, so it really does pay to shop around to get the very best loan deal to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Compare Online

So, if you are looking for a cheap loan, you can compare cheap loan deals online, using comparison websites, or you may wish to visit a number of banks or lenders in person. Whichever method you use, don’t opt for the first cheap loan offer that you get, always take your time to research your options fully before you sign any paperwork.  Also check any clauses in the loan agreement; this is especially important if you sign up to a loan with an opening incentive (i.e. a lower interest rate for x number of months) as you will need to ensure that can still make repayments when the introductory period is over.

Useful Websites

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  • uSwitch.com
    uSwitch.com helps customers compare prices and switch services on a wide range of services including gas, electricity, home phone, loans, insurance and broadband.
  • Confused.com
    Discover cheap insurance, loans, mortgages and credit cards with ease. You can even switch your utilities with their comparison service. All major providers - plus you get a robot toy to boot!
  • Cash Lady
    CashLady is a short term loan service provider in the UK offering payday loans, cash loans and small installment loans.
  • Logbook Calculator
    Borrow money with your car as the security regardless of your credit rating. Log Book Loans have increased in popularity in the UK, so check our site out to see what you can borrow now.
  • Car Cash Point
    Withdraw the cash from your car including prestigious and vintage cars.
  • Lending Expert
    Visit Lending Expert for comparison and expert advice on cheap loans, mortgages and finance.
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