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Car insurance is a vital outlay but can be costly. How can you ensure you are adequately insured without spending a fortune? The cheapest insurance can let you down or not pay out when you need it most - but there are ways to get it cheaper.

For many drivers, cheap car insurance is an absolute must-have, especially in recent years when the cost of living and petrol costs are continually on the rise. It can be very difficult to stay ahead of motoring costs, even regular MOT’s can cost a lot of money – and many people may struggle to keep on top of their car or vehicle-related finances. To make the problem even worse, car insurance premiums are also rising, in part due to the growing number of uninsured drivers on UK roads, but also due to increasing numbers of accidents that involve young motorists.

The Facts

However, it’s not just new or younger motorists who are being hit hard; recent surveys have indicated that older drivers are also being charged much more for their car insurance in recent years; with women drivers in the 60+ bracket being charged on average £80 more for their car cover than men in the same age bracket. It’s all very worrying, and to this end, many people may need to find cheap car insurance deals if they want to stay on the road.

Finding Cheap Insurance

So, how should you go about finding cheap car insurance that will cover you adequately? The first important tip is to shop around. Get quotes from a number of companies, you don’t necessarily need to buy your car insurance from the same company every year; in fact, if you stick to the same insurance provider for a long time, without looking for alternative solutions, you could be wasting a lot of money; lots of cheap car insurance deals are now available, so take a little time to compare a few of them.


In an attempt to secure new business, many insurance providers will offer you discounts and incentives if you take out one of their policies – remember, as competition within the insurance business is now very fierce, you are in the driving seat (as it were!) when it comes to securing a cheap car insurance deal, so be prepared to bargain with companies when your renewal date comes around. Whatever you do, don’t accept the first quote that you get, shop around for better deals, and if possible, ask your existing insurance company whether or not they can match or beat other cheap car insurance deals that you have seen.

Get Bartering

Many people may feel awkward about ‘bargaining’ with their car insurance provider, however, you should view it as per any other money transaction, if you’re prepared to haggle on the price, you could save yourself a lot of money in the long run. Also think about alternative ways of finding cheap car insurance; in recent years the internet has seen a massive boom, hundreds of cheap car insurance deals are now available online. You can simply log on, browse a number of sites (or use a comparison site, making the process even easier) and then purchase your car insurance from the comfort of your own home. With a little time and research, you will find a great cheap car insurance deal.

Useful Websites

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