Download songs from youtube onto MP3 player

Youtube is a popular resource for music and videos. How best to use it on your MP3 player?

In recent years, YouTube has become a very popular platform for the sharing of video and music files. Along with other leading social networking platforms, YouTube has literally millions of visitors across the globe every day. If you were wondering how to download songs from YouTube onto MP3 player, you can now access software to do this. Perhaps you have uploaded one of your own songs and you would like to copy it over to your MP3 player, so you can listen to it while you are out and about? If so, you can use a free YouTube MP3 converter to transfer your music over.

MP3 Files

If you have a little computer know-how, you may understand the process of converting YouTube MP3 files; and to this end, you may have a program on your computer than can perform this action for you. However, if you are a computer novice, you can still copy your songs onto your MP3 player using free YouTube MP3 converters that are now available on a number of websites. YouTube MP3 converter software is very easy to use, they are available to use via a website online, or as a freeware ‘out of the box’ solution that can easily be downloaded and customised on a users’ computer desktop. As a word of warning, you should always research software carefully before you download it to avoid potential viruses.


Generally speaking, YouTube MP3 converters will comprise of an easy to use interface, with a number of basic buttons. You will usually copy the URL of the YouTube video that you wish to convert into an MP3 file and then paste it into a field on the YouTube MP3 converter (A plain text box will usually advise you as to where to paste URLs in the field). You will then click on a button that is called ‘convert’ and the process of converting your file will start; this usually takes a few seconds. When finished, you will see a notification, asking you if you would like to download the file to your computer – at this point you select either ‘yes’ or ‘download’ (depending on the YouTube MP3 converter that you are using).

When you have downloaded the MP3 file, you can simply open it up your default music player (or in a file explorer program on your computer) and transfer it across to your MP3 via a standard USB lead connection.

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