What Is A Computer Virus?


A computer virus can bring a business to its knees and cause complete havoc. What can you do to protect yourself from viruses?

When your PC malfunctions it can often be the result of a computer virus. In essence a computer virus is a software program that has been designed with the intention of disrupting the smooth running of a computer. A computer virus is capable of deleting or corrupting data and can transfer itself to other machines or the internet. It can also make a machine unresponsive to commands.

Common Virus

The most straightforward computer viruses are often unknowingly sent or shared between computer users. Others, for example worms, are more advanced. These are able to control software programs, such as email application, and reproduce and send themselves to other machines.

Other bugs, called Trojans, encourage users to download them by pretending to be a valuable program. Some Trojans can appear to be beneficial while actually surreptitiously damaging the network system.

Anti Viral Tools

It is vital to have the latest antivirus tools and updates and be aware of current threats in order to avoid bugs. When downloading files, surfing the web or opening attachments you should remember the basic security rules.

Immediate Action

If you discover that your machine has a bug, your first priority should be to get rid of it and prevent repeated infection. Only then should you worry about what the bug was and how it arrived.

Although it is impossible to guarantee total security, you can reduce the risk of infection by:


  • Ensuring that your system is kept up-to-date.

  • Installing a firewall.

  • Using antivirus software.

Finally, it is sensible to create backup files regularly, just in case your system becomes infected.. So in summary, look out for the different types of computer virus' and get sound advice on preventing infection rather than crisis management once you've become infected.

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