Becoming A Vegetarian

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It is more common now to be a vegetarian but what do you need to be aware of and look out for if you want to pursue a vegetarian lifestyle?

There are as many reasons for becoming vegetarian as there are vegetarians; it's a highly personal and individual decision to make. But in a survey conducted on behalf of The Vegetarian Society the majority of people said that they gave up meat and fish because they did not morally approve of killing animals, or because they objected to the ways in which animals are kept, treated and killed for food.

Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

With the growing awareness of the importance of healthy food, many people are also becoming vegetarian because it matches the kind of low fat, high fibre diet recommended by dieticians and doctors. Concern about the environment is another factor as people become more aware of the effect raising animals for their meat is having on the environment. Or you may be concerned about wasting world food resources by using land to raise animals for meat instead of growing crops that can feed more people directly.

What is a Vegetarian?

A 'proper' vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat, fish, poultry or any slaughterhouse by-product such as gelatine. Vegetarians live on a diet of grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit, with or without free-range eggs, milk and milk products. Vegetarians not eating anything containing dairy products or eggs are called vegans.

Tips for being vegetarian :

  • Treat yourself to a vegetarian cookbook for inspiration and advice

  • Don't jump straight in, start gradually

  • Buy vegetarian cheese

  • Buy free-range eggs

  • Read the labels

  • Adapt familiar dishes

  • Don't be put off by unfamiliar foods

  • Explore health food stores

Useful Websites

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  • Vegetarian Society UK
    Registered charity committed to the promotion of the ethical, health and environmental benefits of a vegetarian diet, recipes, research, information and products
  • Vegetarian Matchmakers
    The leading dating agency in the UK exclusively for vegetarians and vegans, established in 1980, its success in bringing people together has been unrivalled
  • Cauldron Foods
    Manufacture vegetarian foods including Tofu (Soya bean curd), sausages, burgers, nut cutlets and many products. All protein packed and healthy.
  • Suma
    Independent wholesaler and distributor of quality vegetarian, fairly traded, organic and natural foods.
  • Lancrigg Country House Hotel, Grasmere
    A vegetarian hotel situated in Grasmere, English Lake District
  • The Vegetable Plot
    Brighton's newest vegetarian restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner
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