Understanding Gardening


Whether your garden is large or small there are basic bits of gardening knowledge you will need to have. Our guide here will help get you started.

Gardening is the cultivation of plants and flowers and is a popular pursuit for people of all ages. Most residential places have a plot of land in which to grow and shape plant life to creative our ideal landscape. Like most things, a garden requires a certain knowledge and understanding of how it works to create a thriving living environment and help things grow. Plants require different degrees of maintenance and live for various lengths of time, so building up an area in tune and in bloom together will come with an awareness of how they develop.

Watering and Feeding

An important factor of gardening is the watering and feeding. This will go a long way towards sustaining a healthy environment and needs to be addressed according to climate changes. Another area which affects the growth and the quality of plants and vegetables is the soil. It should be looked after with the same care and consideration as what goes in it, as this provides its living environment. Fertilisers can be used to enhance the quality of the soil making sure the products receive the nutrients they require.

Tools and Equipment

As well as the knowledge, it could all be in vain without the tools and equipment to do the job properly. The internet is a great resource offering extensive tool supplies and seeds, bulbs and grown plants can all be purchased. The majority of sites are set up to receive payment online via credit card, with delivery system in place to get you your products.


Useful Websites

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  • Crocus
    Crocus.co.uk is the UK's biggest gardening website and every gardener’s Eden. Since 2000 this is the place to get your plants and gardening gear.
  • Deckbuilders
    The first choice for garden decking and timber decking in the UK. Whatever the shape or levels of your garden we will design an outstanding decking solution for you to enjoy all year round.
  • Rolawn Direct
    Buy from the UK's leading high quality supplier of turf, topsoil & bark.
  • Lawn Care
    Visit our site for free resources on lawn care tips, landscaping ideas, and gardening advice.
  • Wildchicken : nature & technology
    Garden design software developed by a landscape designer. Research, design and print gardening projects or ideas. Flexible and easy to learn tools for professional and amateur gardeners and learners.
  • Garden Items
    With a wide selection of premium garden accessories from solar garden lights and water features, to hotspot fire pits and patio heaters - excellent value for money.
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