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Whether you are buying to let or buying for yourself it is important that you understand the different options available to you.

Property is a hugely multifaceted category. The many areas will include buying to live or to let, renting and selling of property, mortgages, being a landlord, decorating and expanding property. So much to do with property can have huge implications on our surrounding lives, so there’s definitely much worth considering. With the appropriate research and planning, there is no reason why these cannot all be enjoyable, life enhancing processes.

Planning Ahead

Whether you intend on buying or renting a property, you will inevitably have to face moving out of your existing home. In light of this, planning and preparing for the whole event can ensure a much smoother transition than simply hoping for the best. When you finally reach your new place, if it’s appropriate, you may be considering renovating. If this is the case, then make sure you have done your homework before buying. There’s little worse than having those expectations come crashing down, along with part of the structure of the house, as you discover more work than originally thought and consequently more money!

Buy To Let

If this is an investment project and you intend to rent out the property, again be very clear on your responsibilities as a landlord and what work is involved. Too often people view this as a quick and easy way of making cash and overlook the fact that it is essentially a long term investment. As a result, house prices could go down, there could be more work than you have time for and you can’t find people to rent in a hugely competitive market.

Useful Websites

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  • Stride Commercial Insurance
    Property owners insurance and business insurance from Stride Limited. From online quotes for let property, to flats insurance, landlord insurance and more.
  • Move To
    MoveTo provides details of properties to rent or buy across central and south England, and overseas. Keep up-to-date with all the latest housing news.Find properties for sale and rent in the UK and ov
  • Polaris World
    Polaris World resorts in Spain. Own your own luxury home in Spain from £60,000. Enjoy a luxury fully paid visit to the Polaris World resorts and decide if this is the lifestyle for you.
  • Simple Landlord Insurance
    Simple Landlord Insurance is one of the first complete online services for landlords insurance. Buy-to-let property insurance cover is available for all sorts of tenants.
  • Marbella Property Agents
    Real Estate Agents Marbella Cost del sol Spain, Propery for sale & rent in and around Marbella
  • Bridging Finance from Wellesley
    Specialist property finance solutions from the experts at Wellesley.
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