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What is ideal body weight and how do we know what is ideal for us?

If you are looking to maximise your health, you may wonder how you can find out your ideal body weight. Naturally, ideal body weight differs a lot from person-to-person, but it is possible to find the best ideal body weight for you with a few simple tips.

By finding out the weight that you should be you can plan your diet more effectively and if necessary you can either lose or put on weight to achieve your ideal body weight goal.


A simple but very precise formula can be used to calculate your ideal body weight and once you have a number in your head you can feel more motivated to change the way that you eat and even train harder. The formula that is used to calculate ideal body weight is called BMI (Body Mass Index). This method uses your current weight and height to calculate your BMI. You can then establish the ideal body weight for you.  

You can find Body Mass Index calculators online – you simply enter your height and weight in the boxes provided, press a button and your BMI will be displayed.

Ideal BMI

Generally speaking, the guidelines for ideal body weight are as follows; underweight = a BMI of <18.5, normal weight = a BMI of 18.5–24.9, overweight = a BMI of 25–29.9 and obesity = a BMI of 30 or greater. However, there are currently two different ranges for healthy BMI, both of which have been created by expert but very different sources. As an example; if you use the calculator provided by The Food Standards Agency you will find that 18.5-25 is deemed to be a healthy weight whereas less than 18.5 is classed as underweight.

 However, the calculator provided by The British Nutrition Foundation shows 20-25 as a healthy range and less than 20 as being underweight.

To this end, it is vital to seek medical advice from your doctor or another medical professional if you are thinking about embarking on a serious weight loss or weight gain diet.

By calculating your BMI you can get a great indication of your ideal body weight, but you may have special food requirements that need to be taken into consideration. You should also note that by calculating your BMI you won’t be factoring in your body fat ratio; however, many medical practices not have equipment that can measure this for you.

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