Food Scares


Food scares hit the press almost every week. What should you be aware of to ensure you and your family are safe?

It would seem that you can’t go too long these days without hearing the cries of another food scare. These issues are constantly be dealt with and explored and it’s reasonable to assume that even if deemed good for you, too much of anything can cause a problem. Eating habits and their moderation aside, there are some very serious food scares which have caused major problems over the years. For example, the ever prevalent BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) which is carried by cows. In its human form, symptoms can include blindness, epilepsy and degeneration of the brain.


As well as keeping up to date with currently know food scare issues, the hygiene of handling and storage at home and in professional environments like supermarkets, is also very important. Take note when buying food that the storage temperatures are appropriate. If a product requires freezing and it’s kept in a warmer climate, it’s creating an environment for bacteria to grow. Don’t be afraid to report any problem as you will certainly be doing many people a favour.

Main Risks

These standards will not just apply to large multi-national supermarkets and shop owners. Bacteria is not prejudice and if the right environment presents itself it will grow anywhere. So make sure the high risk products such as dairy and sliced meats which require freezing and chilled storage, are brought back home sooner rather than later. When storing products in your fridge, make sure nothing is exposed so cover it over where necessary. Be sure to organise things so if one thing has a problem, it’s less likely to affect anything else.

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