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MP3's are hugely popular, but how best to download so you always have the music you want? With up to 8000 songs being possible to add to your ipod, you will never walk alone.

MP3 players are now very common place – most of us will own one at some point and they are quickly becoming an essential gadget for everyday use. However, a common question that many people will ask is; how do I download music to mp3?


Naturally, the method that you use to download music to mp3 will differ somewhat, depending on the type of mp3 player that you own and the specifications of your laptop or PC. Many people opt to download a brand-specific programme onto their computer, then when they connect their mp3 player to their computer, any new songs that have been downloaded to their computer will automatically transfer over to their mp3 player, and this certainly is the easiest method to use.

USB Cable

However, if you haven’t already installed a programme and you want to know how to download music to mp3 (i.e. transfer all or some of your music files from your computer onto your mp3 player) – there are a few standard steps that you can follow. The first thing to check when you want to download music to mp3 is your connection wire. The majority of new mp3 players will arrive with a USB cable – this is a cable that plugs into your mp3 player at one end and into your computer at the other end. Start by finding this cable and then plugging it into a USB port on your computer and connecting the other end into your mp3 player.

When you have done this, your mp3 player may ask you want you want to do – you will need to select ‘USB transfer’ (or a similar option) on your mp3 player. At the same time, your computer may pick up on the mp3 connection straight away – if not, you may need to use a file finding programme to locate the mp3 player connection. Next, you will need to find your music files on your computer. Generally speaking, they should be stored in a folder called ‘Music’, however, you may have opted to use a folder of a different name, so you may need to search for the files using a ‘file search’ option.

Depending on the kind of computer system that you are using, you may be able to simply drag your music files from this folder on your computer, straight into a folder on your mp3 player using your USB connection – then you will be able to listen to your new music on your mp3 player.

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