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Two and Half Men, a comedy masterpiece running on Comedy Central for six seasons, has entranced the American people since September 2003. With five PrimeTime Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe nominations, as well as rating in the top twenty of all US TV shows, Two and a Half Men is the ultimate US comedy series.

First aired in September 2003, Two and a Half Men has been watched by millions of TV viewers across the world. Staring Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer and Angus T Jones, the show  is about a Charlie, a jingle writer who likes to have a good time, his brother, Alan, and Jake - Alan’s son. The plot begins when Charlie’s fun loving, party lifestyle is thrown into chaos as his brother Alan gets divorced and is forced to move into Charlie’s beach front house.

Season two continues documenting all the mischief and high-jinks the three get up to with women, featuring plentiful scams and schemes.

Charlie loves and loses in season three, while Alan manages to get romantically entwined with an unlikely suspect and Jake has trouble in school

Season four kicks off in Las Vegas with wedding mania – one wedding actually happens, another wedding gets cancelled, and there’s a jackpot win!

The 100th episode of Two and a Half Men was aired during season five as Jake starts junior high.

Season six sees a possible addition to the group as well as Jake making a foray into adolescent life!

When the seventh season of Two and a Half Men airs on Comedy Central, who knows what monkey business our favourite men get up to next!

Two and a Half Men is a stomping ground for many guest stars. Megan Fox, Terri Hatcher, Enrique Iglesias and Brooke Shields are but a few celebrities to have made appearances in the Two and a Half Men studio.

A crossover with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was also aired in May 2008. “Two and a Half Deaths” was a collaboration between the two teams in which Sheen, Cryer, and Jones (Charlie, Alan and Jake) made appearances.

Two and a Half Men time and again makes the rankings as one of the most watched comedies in the United States, and has been signed up for another three seasons due to its popularity both internationally and in the US.

Watch the next episode of Two and Half Men on Comedy Central and laugh along as Charlie, Alan and Jake get into more scrapes.

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