Writing Business Proposals

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A good business proposal can open a door for you or do the exact opposite. So how can you ensure that your business proposal is as good as you can make it?

Our guide should help you to write a simple business proposal. Your goal will define the actual content. People sometimes write simple business proposals to persuade the reader to take an action, make a selection, reach a decision, spend money, offer a job, or grant a raise. You must anticipate the information that will be required by the reader in your business proposal to take the action you desire and then design a document that will achieve your goal.

How to Start

Your simple business proposal should start with an introduction to what you plan to accomplish and how they will benefit (start by explaining what's in it for them).

Then provide your work plan, including methodologies, resources, and schedule. You might also provide your resume to support your ability to deliver as promised. Once you've laid this foundation, provide your pricing and rationale, emphasizing the return on investment and value.

Remember, your proposal is only a part of how you achieve your goal. If you are a consultant, remember that what they are buying is you - not the document you've just completed. You will need to practice your salesmanship.

Is There a Formula?

Not really. There are some sensible topic areas you should always include though. Every company will look for something different and they would quickly see similarities between proposals if they were all the same. You want to make the company feel wanted with something that answers the brief.

A straight- forward 'formula' :


Who will do the work, who will manage the work, who does the customer call if there is a problem, who is responsible for what


What needs to be done/delivered, what will be required to do it, what can the customer expect, what it will cost


Where will the work be done, where will it be delivered


How will be work be done, how will it be deployed, how will it be managed, how will you achieve quality assurance and customer satisfaction, how will risks be mitigated, how long will it take, how will the work benefit the customer


When will you start, when will key milestones be scheduled, when will the project be complete, when is payment due


Why have you chosen the approaches and alternatives you have selected, why the customer should select you

Before You Send

Read, read and read again. Then give it someone you trust and value, that's never read it (someone that knows what it's about if it's at all technical in nature) and ask them to appraise honestly.

That way you have ensured it reads well and makes sense. Has not missed any vital points out and finally delivers against the brief you were asked to pitch for in the first place!


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